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In the aspect of undergraduate education and teaching, the university not only provides students with basic knowledge and skills, but also lays a solid foundation of further study and excellent career. As a result, the university is committed to do things as follows:

To cultivate students’ solid and integrated multidisciplinary knowledge so that they can engage in their professional researches and innovation in a relatively broad field;

To develop specialized knowledge and skills that are needed in certain occupation and to improve their abilities in analyzing and solving problems as well as the abilities in communication and cooperation so that the students can be equipped with solid professional knowledge and comprehensive professional quality and finally to adapt to rapidly changing social development needs;

To cultivate the students’ abilities in solving problems creatively, in order to provide necessary awareness, background and skills training as for being responsible citizens, employees and leaders.


Director: Xu Jiaxi

Deputy Director(executive): Su Haijia

Deputy Director: Zhang Fengyuan


Education Administration Office

Terms of Reference:

a.         Teaching quality management, Undergraduate Tutorial System (ext: 216)

b.        Practice teaching hardware management, Basic teaching construction management, Practice teaching software management, Discipline competition (ext: 219)

c.         University students' innovation and Pioneering, Graduation program/thesis (ext: 218)

d.        All kinds of teaching reform project application,Evaluation and interdisciplinary classes, such as teaching masters, excellent textbooks and so on (ext: 217)

e.         Curriculum development, Teaching plan (ext: 220)

Section Chief: Han Chunying

Tel: 010-64434745 (ext: 215-220)


Teaching Affairs Branch:

Terms of Reference:

a.         School Census Management (228)

b.        CET4/CET6, Registration and student card (ext: 225)

c.         Timetable Planning and adjustment, Classroom management (ext: 223)

d.        Course Selection (ext: 230)

e.         Grade management, Examination arrangements (ext: 229)

f.         Graduation auditing, Transfer major, Exemption system, (ext: 227)

g.        Teaching and administrating management of North campus (Tel:80104002,80104003)

Section Chief: Wang Jiahui

Tel: 010-64435704 (ext: 225-227)


Audio-visual Center:

Terms of Reference:

a.         Construction and management of multimedia teaching system,

b.        Construction and management of closed-circuit television teaching system,

c.         Play TV videos,

d.        Construction and management of conventional audio-visual equipment,

e.         Maintenance work of audio-visual equipment,

f.         Audio-visual equipment reserve and equipment account management

Director: Li Zhigang

Tel: 010-64434743